I’m excited to announce that Oxbow SEO is taking a position in the roofing industry on a national level.

We will be working with small to medium-sized, forward-thinking roofing contractors who are already investing in advertising and are looking for new channels to expand their reach even further.

As with our local clients here in New England, our strategies will help roofing contractors to generate clients through improving the rankings of their website in the organic results in Google, allowing them to reach double or even triple the number of leads available through traditional Google Adwords advertising.

Furthermore, as our experience in the roofing industry matures, we will continue to tailor these strategies specifically to the needs of both commercial and residential roofers of all kinds, making them even more razor effective than they already are for the wide variety of local businesses we serve.

To clarify, this does not impact our local services whatsoever. We will continue to offer the same solutions for local businesses throughout Rhode Island and the rest of New England that we always have, and look forward to many more years of successful business in the Ocean State.