Oxbow SEO is an online marketing firm based in Providence RI. We can help your small business gain leads and sales by improving your website traffic. We believe that being ranked at the top of thousands of searches will significantly increase your probability of sales. The only way you can successfully outrank your competitor considering the constant barrage of new websites flooding the internet is by deliberately implementing well tested and proven methods through a SEO network professionals who keep current with all the industry standards and Google regulations.

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Douglas Bonneville

Founder, Chief SEO

Douglas Bonneville is the founder and CEO of Oxbow SEO. Originally a graphic designer back in 1992, he focused on ad design and book publishing. In 1995 he started developing websites by hand. In 1997 he started BonFX, a web design firm and graphic design blog, building out custom solutions for clients across the country. He also contributed to Netscape and various AOL/Compuserve channels as a graphic and web designer. In 2010 he published a book and app on typeface pairing, and also joined Smashing Magazine’s Panel of Experts where has contributed to nearly 200 articles.

As web technology has matured and websites have become easier to construct, his interests have moved upstream to the problems that software alone cannot solve, like search engine optimization. Oxbow SEO, founded in 2015, quickly became the number one ranked digital agency in the local Rhode Island market, where Oxbow SEO is based. His goal for Oxbow SEO is to expand regionally and nationally, bringing the same passion for solutions to small business clients across the country.

Elliot Bonneville

Sales & Software Lead

Elliot is the sales lead and software engineer at Oxbow. He’s all about getting things done and is ruthless about optimizing systems and processes to be as efficient as possible. He directs sales within the firm, with his in-depth knowledge of SEO allowing him to quickly assess a potential client’s situation and needs. He has written much of the custom software that Oxbow relies on, and is always working to keep abreast of the latest developments within the rapidly evolving search engine optimization industry.

George Lavoie

Sales & Marketing

“The responsibility of an entrepreneur is creating someone else’s new reality”
– One of George’s favorite quotes.

George loves being able to help business owners achieve new realities in their businesses, and in their lives by:  

⁃ Massively growing revenue
⁃ Dominating competition
⁃ Achieving an unprecedented presence in their market.
⁃ Getting their services in front of more “dream clients.”

George is passionate and he enjoys working with business owners with big dreams, open minds, and a passion for creating new realities for THEIR clients.  

George has learned from top marketers in his field, and has taken part in numerous cutting-edge training programs.  

He is continuously learning to provide the absolute best for those he works with.  

George’s other passions include music, entertainment, martial arts, and Greek food.

3 of his greatest inspirations are Bruce Lee, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Alexander Hamilton.

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